How can we identify plants?

Plants are essential for many aspects of our daily lives as they provide food, medicines, and construction materials. However, plants can also cause harm, think of poisonous plants, pollen allergies, adulterants in herbal medicines, or invasive species. Correct identification of plants is therefore crucial but unfortunately this is often problematic. Plant.ID will address this issue by developing state-of-the-art molecular solutions for a simplified way of identifying plants.

Latest news

  • 190914-ss2-end Edinburgh meeting Sep. 15, 2019

    All good things come to an end. Thank you to all Plant.ID partners for the excellent meeting! We listened to 15 great presentations and we had stimulating discussions. We can be very proud of our network!

  • 190911-meeting Summer School 2 in Edinburgh Sep. 10, 2019

    We finally see each other again! Our venue is no castle this time but the lovely Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. In the days ahead, our ESRs will present their progress and we hope to have some inspiring discussions.

  • 190907-bastien Authentication of herbal mixtures and plants in trade Sep. 7, 2019

    Enjoy this lovely video featuring Bastien talking about this research within Plant.ID. He is working on an authentication protocol for plants in herbal mixture and plants in trade at CERTH in Greece.

Research output