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The Dutch version of the popular science journal New Scientist made a special issue about the Naturalis Biodiversity Center and together with some other PhD students, Marcel was given the opportunity to showcase his research. (Link to the full edition)

Ozan and Barbara paid a visit to Bart van de Vijver, a renown diatomist at the Meise Botanic Garden, who curates the extraordinary historical diatom collections. Have a look at some pictures here.

Feli was interviewed during the talkshow "Ugress" on radiOrakel fm 99.3 and they discussed Angelica sinensis and herbal remedies. You can listen to the entire interview on this website.

Last Friday was a busy outreach day for Plant.ID: Yannick was at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh giving a talk and Anne-Sophie participated in a poster conference at the University of Gothenburg. There are some more pictures on Facebook.

María is in the field again, this time with her master's student Marie. They went to Hvaler in the south of Norway and collected soil samples for eDNA studies. Have a look at some pictures on Facebook.

Several Plant.ID partners are currently attending Monocots VI in Natal, Brazil. We all wish we could be there! Some pictures on Facebook here and here.

On Friday 28 September, Bastien participated in the Researchers' Night in Thessaloniki, Greece. We heard it was a huge success! You can find his poster here and some pictures here.

Titan, the online newspaper of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science at the University of Oslo, wrote an interesting article about Plant.ID and plant DNA barcoding. You can read it here.

It is in Norwegian though, but Google Translate is a great help.

We are ready to receive the registrations for our first Summer School that will take place near Barcelona in November. The venue is a (almost) beachfront hotel in Sitges. Not bad, right. We look forward to seeing everyone again!

Felicitas wrote a lovely blog post about her first encounter with the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Be sure to check it out and if you're nice, she might even offer you Chinese tea...

Our very first blog post is online! Get exclusive behind-the-scenes views on the life of a researcher and much more. But first... an introduction!

Earlier this week, we said goodbye to our students and we sent them home to their respective host institutes with, hopefully, some useful tools and tricks that they can use during their project management. It was awesome getting to know them and it was a bit sad to see them go. But, we will meet again soon!

The first part of our kick-off meeting is already behind us. We had an amazing first two days with excellent presentations by our 15 PhD students. It was great to meet old friends and get to know new ones. With such a group of wonderful people, Plant.ID can only be a huge success! Check out our facebook page for some pictures!