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All network partners have received an invitation to the Plant.ID Kick-off Meeting that will take place in Oslo from 14 to 21 May. We are going to stay at a beautiful venue on top of a hill (seems to become a theme for our meetings...) and we are working on an exciting program! Stay tuned!

Each ITN project has its unique set of deliverables, which are additional outputs (e.g. information, report, brochure, etc.) that must be produced at a given moment during the action. The Plant.ID website is an example of such a deliverable. In total, Plant.ID has 44 deliverables and we are happy to announce that the first 4 have been submitted!

H2020 funded MSCA-ITN-ETN Plant.ID on molecular identification is now recruiting highly motivated students for 15 PhD positions at universities, botanic gardens, natural history museums, industry and institutes across Europe. On the Jobs page you'll find detailed listings for each position and instructions on how to apply. Apply or forward to relevant candidates. Application deadline January 15th, 2018.