Helle Wangensteen


I am a pharmacist and have a PhD degree in pharmacognosy from School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo. My research interests deal with the isolation, identification and analysis of low-molecular substances in medicinal plants or herbal products with the aim to find a rationale for traditional usage of the plants and to explore the biological activities of natural products. NMR based methods are of particular interest for the structure elucidation of natural products. Ethnopharmacology is an important approach for the selection of plants, and I have been working with medicinal plants from Africa, Asia, and Europe.

In Plant.ID, I am supervising Felicitas Mück (ESR5) together with Hugo de Boer and Kristin Odlo Høye, and we will use shotgun sequencing and DNA metabarcoding with spectroscopic and NMR-based approaches to ensure the safety of Traditional Chinese processed products on the European market.