Hugo De Boer

Hugo de Boer

Project leader, Supervisor ESR2 and ESR10, Co-supervisor ESR1, ESR5, ESR7, ESR9, ESR13, ESR14, Network training partner ESR8

Affiliation Natural History Museum, University of Oslo


Twitter @Hugo_deBoer


I am a botanist, and maybe unsurprisingly, I am interested in molecular identification of plants. My research is in systematic botany, DNA barcoding, ethnobotany, phylogeny, and biogeography.

I have been based at the Natural History Museum of the University of Oslo since 2012, were I lead the research group in Plant Evolution and DNA metabarcoding as well as ForBio – the Scandinavian Research School in Biosystematics. I am passionate about student supervision and career development, and have combined teaching and student supervision with research for nearly 20 years. In my role as research group leader, research school leader and project leader for Plant.ID, I aim to enable aspiring students to develop their specialized and transferable skills for careers in science and beyond.

I have an MSc degree from Wageningen University in the Netherlands with extramural course work at the University of Amsterdam and the Swedish Agricultural University as part of an Erasmus exchange year. For my major research I combined biosystematics, ethnobotany and bioprospecting, and for my second MSc degree from Uppsala University, I studied adverse drug reactions to herbal medicines with the Uppsala Monitoring Centre, the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for International Drug Monitoring. I did my PhD at Uppsala University in systematic botany, with a postgraduate fellowship at the University of California – Berkeley. After my PhD I did postdoctoral research at Leiden University, Naturalis Biodiversity Centre and Uppsala University, and currently hold minor positions at the latter two institutions. I am permanently based at the University of Oslo.