Walter Pirovano

Walter Pirovano

Co-supervisor ESR6

Affiliation BaseClear



In 1999, I started by scientific career by moving from Holland to Milan to study (molecular) biology. During my internship at the bioinformatics group of Prof. Graziano Pesole, I was honoured to work with Dr. David Horner and together we found new ways to better predict protein structural contacts from correlated substitutions. In 2005, I was accepted for an NBIC-funded PhD position at the VU University Amsterdam within the group of Prof. Jaap Heringa. For 4 years I worked on improved protein sequence analysis tools (alignment, structure prediction).

After my successful Ph.D. defense, I started to work at the DNA service lab BaseClear that aimed to further expand its portfolio with the recently introduced NGS technology. Over the past years, things have been growing exponentially and currently we analyze thousands of samples per year on all major NGS platforms (Illumina MiSeq and Novaseq, PacBio and ONT). BaseClear is now recognized as a high-quality service lab, both in the national and European biotechnology and pharma market. We offer complete solutions to microbial and eukaryotic (meta)genomes.

As Director Bioinformatics, I am happy to supervise a team of excellent bioinformaticians and software specialists with expertise in the field of genomics, software development and (far) beyond. The Bioinformatics group carefully addresses highly diverse customer questions, develops state-of-the-art NGS pipelines and meanwhile published several outstanding scientific publications. Also, we have a strong focus on the development of online genome visualization portals.

In 2015, I joined the BaseClear management and currently am a full staff member. By offering the most advanced sequencing platforms – in combination with know-how of plants and unique bioinformatics skills to interpret NGS sequence data – BaseClear is a valuable partner of the Plant.ID project.