Adrienne Mertens

Adrienne Mertens

Secondment ESR6

Affiliation Diatomella



After finishing my education as a botanical analyst in 1982, I started working as diatomist at the Department Hydrobiology of the former Research Institute for Nature Management (RIN). In 1994, I started working at AquaSense, a company that does research on water organisms for several water management authorities. In 2005, AquaSense was incorporated into Grontmij and it is currently part of Eurofins.

In 2016, I decided to stop working for a company and I started my own business Diatomella. I am a specialist in the taxonomy and ecology of fresh and brackish water diatoms. I investigate diatoms in order to perform water quality assessments commissioned by water management authorities. Because the ecology of diatoms is well-documented, they can be used as indicators of water quality. Additionally, I cooperate in taxonomical workshops and I am (co) author of several publications about diatom taxonomy and ecology. Furthermore, I am developing a web-based Diatom Flora of the Low Countries together with colleagues. To keep my knowledge up to date, I participate in (inter)national conferences and symposia and I am involved in (inter)national collaborations. Within Plant.ID, I will assist Ozan Çiftçi (ESR6) with his research on diatoms for eDNA and barcoding.