Anne Cathrine Vestrheim


Anne Vestrheim is a pharmacist from King’s College London and completed her PhD at the School of Pharmacy at the University of Oslo.
She has previously worked in pharmaceutical R&D, in hospital and community pharmacies, was the responsible person (RP) in medicinal wholesale distribution and was a pharmacy manager. Her PhD thesis was in the field of immunology and antibodies, and her teaching and laboratory teaching were in the area of pharmacognosy, with a particular focus on the ability of Plantago Major and plants from Malawi and South-Africa on activating the complement system.
She has worked as a scientific officer at the Norwegian Medicines Agency since 2013. Her work includes borderline issues, narcotic drugs control and narcotic precursor regulations. Examples of borderline issues include evaluating whether products containing different plants should be classified as medicinal products or not.
Her role in the Plant.ID project is to be a co-supervisor for Felicitas Mück (ESR5). In this role she provides experience on the regulatory aspects of plant-based products bordering between medicinal products and food.