Henrik Pedersen

Henrik Pedersen

Co-supervisor ESR3, Network training partner ESR10

Affiliation Select Nature

Email h.pedersen@selectnature.dk


I am primarily a systematic botanist (M.Sc. and Ph.D. from University of Aarhus), but also have significant interests in ecology and conservation. In 2017, following long-term employment at the present Natural History Museum of Denmark (assistant professor 1995-1998, associate professor 1998-2017), I established Select Nature. This is primarily a consultancy firm in the field of nature management, botanical research, and education. However, my solo company also engages in public outreach activities serving to promote nature conservation and the recognition of botanical knowledge as a fundamental resource for the future. Besides running Select Nature, I am adjunct professor at Kasetsart University, external lecturer at Roskilde University, and emeritus at the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

My main research interest is in biosystematics, with special focus on (1) disentangling intricate species complexes, and (2) "translating" DNA-based knowledge of evolutionary relationships and ongoing biological processes (variation, hybridization, etc.) into operational classifications. I also produce classical taxonomic revisions and flora contributions, and I perform studies on pollination biology, seed quality, phylogeny, morphological plasticity, plant demography, etc. Recently, I have contributed to studies on archaeobotany, plant chemistry, and genomics. Most of my research is concerned with orchids.

In the Plant.ID project, I will act as co-supervisor of Stephen Garrett (ESR3) and interact with his additional supervisors and other collaborators. I will mainly contribute through my experience of (1) how to design, manage, and adjust studies of intricate species complexes, and (2) my personal role and network in the Danish environment of floristics and species conservation. I have also offered to act as network training partner of Margret Veltman (ESR10), hoping to assist with my general knowledge of orchid systematics.