Kristin Odlo Høye


Kristin Odlo Høye is a pharmacist with a background in pharmacognosy and medicinal chemistry from the School of Pharmacy at the University of Oslo.

During her master studies she isolated and characterized substances with an antioxidant effect from the Malian plant Diospyros abyssinica, and during her Ph.D. studies she synthesized analogues of natural products from Combretum caffrum, including biological evaluation of the analogues. Since 2010 she has worked as a scientific officer at the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NoMA). NoMA is an agency under the Ministry of Health and Care Services. Her current work mainly consist of borderline issues and narcotic drugs control. The work with borderline issues include the assessment of whether or not certain plant-based products are regarded as medicinal products. With her years of experience with borderline issues, combined with her knowledge of pharmacognosy and medicinal chemistry, she has gained an interest in the regulation of plant-based products, as well as an insight into the challenges with added pharmaceuticals and substitution of plants in certain plant-based products.     

In the Plant.ID project, she will act as co-supervisor of Felicitas Mück (ESR5) and interact with her additional supervisors and collaborators. Kristin will mainly contribute through her experience regarding different regulatory aspects of plant-based products in the borderline between medicinal products and food.