Peter van Bodegom

About Peter van Bodegom is professor and head of the department of Environmental Biology within the Institute of Environmental Sciences of Leiden University. Peter did his BSc and MSc in soil science, a PhD in microbiology and plant physiological modelling at Wageningen University, a postdoc in ecology at the VU University Amsterdam after which he became a tenured assistant and later associate professor on soil-plant interactions from local to global scales at VU University Amsterdam.

Peter enjoys working at the interface of disciplines to answer important scientific questions on the impacts of human society of ecosystem functioning and biodiversity and vice versa. Through the development of state-of-the-art tools from data science, remote sensing and sensors, process-based modelling and molecular sciences including environmental DNA, he aims at creating quantitative insights in the mechanisms involved in this critical mutual dependency. From those insights, societal solutions can be developed that provide optimal designs for ecosystems and the ecosystem services they provide to mankind.

Within Plant.ID, Peter will bring in his expertise on environmental DNA quantification and interpretation as well as expertise on how environmental DNA may aid understanding ecosystem functioning and biodiversity patterns. Peter is involved as promotor of Ozan Çiftçi within ESR6.