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wood cross sections

Bastien Anthoons, Ioanna Karamichali, Audun Schrøder-Nielsen, Andreas D. Drouzas, Hugo de Boer, Panagiotis Madesis. Metabarcoding reveals low fidelity and presence of toxic species in short chain-of-commercialization of herbal products. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, Volume 97, 2021, 103767, ISSN 0889-1575.

wood cross sections

Mehrdad Jahanbanifard, Vicky Beckers, Gerald Koch, Hans Beeckman, Barbara Gravendeel, Fons Verbeek, Pieter Baas, Carlijn Priester, and Frederic Lens 2020. Description and evolution of wood anatomical characters in the ebony wood genus Diospyros and its close relatives (Ebenaceae): a first step towards combatting illegal logging. IAWA Journal 0 (0), 2020: 1–43

Phylogenetic tree

Janssens SB, Couvreur TLP, Mertens A, Dauby G, Dagallier L-PMJ, Vanden Abeele S, Vandelook F, Mascarello M, Beeckman H, Sosef MSM, Droissart V, van der Bank M, Maurin O, Hawthorne W, Marshall C, Réjou-Méchain M, Beina D, Baya F, Merckx V, Verstraete B, Hardy O, 2020. A large-scale species level dated angiosperm phylogeny for evolutionary and ecological analyses. Biodiversity Data Journal 8: e39677.

Figure 1

Canales NA, Gress Hansen TN, Cornett C, Walker K, Driver F, Antonelli A, Maldonado C, Nesbitt M, Barnes CJ, Rønsted N, 2020. Historical chemical annotations of Cinchona bark collections are comparable to results from current day high-pressure liquid chromatography technologies. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 249: 112375. j.jep.2019.112375