Multiproxy analysis of permafrost preserved faeces provides an unprecedented insight into the diets and habitats of extinct and extant megafauna

Physilia Y.S. Chua, Frederik Leerhøi, Emilia M.R. Langkjær, Ashot Margaryan, Christina L. Noer, Stine R. Richter, Marlene E. Restrup, Hans Henrik Bruun, Ida Hartvig, Eric Coissac, Sanne Boessenkool, Inger G. Alsos, Kristine Bohmann. Towards the extended barcode concept: generating DNA reference data through genome skimming of danish plants. bioRxiv.

This publication is a result of ESR project 4 and you can download the paper here.

Published Aug. 27, 2021 7:48 PM - Last modified Oct. 12, 2021 1:13 PM